ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION - HAROPA projects at the heart of the "France Relance" economic stimulus plan

- Territorial Department of Le Havre
- Territorial Department of Rouen
- Territorial Department of Paris

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HAROPA is to get €67.5m of the €175m allocated to French ports under the economic stimulus plan “France Relance”. Not only does this sum testify to the importance of the HAROPA ports for the national dynamic set in train by government, it will speed up regionalecological and energy transitions, thereby preparing for the future.


Where the energy transition is concerned, the aim will be to offer clean energy solutions to ships and barges (through sea cruise terminal electrification in Le Havre and Rouen), deploy a fleet of electric vehicles, modernise street lighting in Le Havre and carry out heating renovation in the Port of Rouen's main office. Another objective is to develop multimodality by encouraging modal transfer to river and rail (modernisation of Port 2000's rail interfaces, rail terminal development work at Bruyères-sur-Oise, a plan for location of a multimodal urban and environmental distribution terminal in Rouen, etc.).

€100 billion 

The economic stimulus package announced by the government last September stands at €100bn, €40bn of which comes from the European Union. It covers ports as part of its Ecology dimension

Improvement of Seine water quality and the reindustrialisation of existing brown sites will also be on the agenda for this roadmap.