Solid bulk terminals

HAROPA PORT received the trophy for the World's Best Solid Bulk Port at the IBJ Awards 2012, 2013 and 2016, out of 87 global competitors! HAROPA PORT also received the Best Dry Bulk Port trophy, in competition with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Abu Dhabi.

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Terminals in Rouen

  • Europe's leading cereal exporter and European agro-industrial hub. In addition, several terminals are dedicated to the handling and storage of all types of solid bulk: fertilizers, chemical and petrochemical products, snow removal salts, building materials, attapulgite peat, pumice stones, bauxite biomass, wood energy…
  • Storage capacities: 900kt dedicated to the export of cereals, and 400kt for other agricultural products. High-capacity covered surfaces and platforms for other products on specialized terminals.
  • Easy distribution thanks to multimodal network: road, rail, waterway
  • Honfleur terminal, 
  • Rouen Quevilly terminal,
  • Bassin aux Bois terminal,
  • Western terminal,
  • Petit Couronne bulk terminal,  
  • Grand Couronne solid bulk terminal.

Terminals in Le Havre

  • MC6 mineral terminal (SHGT): handling of coal ships on behalf of EdF Trading Logistics
  • Sugar terminal (Sucre Océane): 45,000 t storage capacity (3 silos)
  • Agri-food terminal (SHGT Estuaire): for vessels of type "CAP SIZE"; specific dock for barges and coastal vessels up to 20,000 dwt
  • Multi-bulk terminal (SHGT): handling, screening/shredding, compacting/mixing, reshipment, transport chartering, storage (coal, petroleum coke, sand, gravel, stone, cement, building materials…)

Ile-de-France terminals

  • 1st European river port for bulk shipping
  • Gennevilliers: Construction, metallurgy, agri-food, recoverable products
  • Limay: Construction, metallurgy, food industry; recoverable products, multi-bulk platform capable of storing all types of traffic
  • Bruyères-sur-Oise: construction, metallurgy, food industry
  • Bonneuil-sur-Marne: construction, metallurgy, food industry
  • Evry: Construction, metallurgy