The HAROPA PORT port complex forms an agro-industrial hub in the heart of the main French agricultural production areas. Rouen, Europe’s leader in cereal exports, offers an unparalleled range of products that makes HAROPA PORT your expert partner for the storage, preparation, loading and transport of goods in compliance with buyers' specifications.

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Choose the European leader

HAROPA PORT is at the heart of France's largest wheat and barley production area with a diversity of production areas and some of the best yields in the world. Rouen is the European leader in cereal exports:

  • 50% of French maritime exports of wheat and barley
  • 20% of European cereal exports 

Export power

  • Up to 9 million tonnes of cereals (wheat, barley, etc.) exported annually
  • Exports outside the European Union: 91% (mainly to North Africa)
  • Regular supply of port silos in quantity and various qualities to meet buyers' specifications

Unique storage and loading capacities in Europe

  • Grain transport by rail, river and road
  • Storage capacity for agro-products in Rouen: 1.3 Mt (including 900,000 tonnes dedicated to cereal exports)
  • Numerous river loading sites upstream of the Rouen silos
  • Europe's most efficient silos: loading rates per silo up to 3,000 t/hour (capacity greater than 100,000 t/day for the entire port) 
  • Expertise cluster: port silos, controllers, laboratories, government services, stevedores, freight forwarders, shipping agents, carriers…
  • Preparation of loading, segmentation, allocation of cereals to guarantee buyers the required quality
  • Global reference point for Euronext futures market quotations on milling wheat

HAROPA PORT cereal silos for export

  • BZ Group (Rouen)
  • Sénalia (Rouen + Bonnières sur Seine)
  • Sévépi - UCAYC (Limay)
  • Simarex (Rouen)
  • Socomac (Rouen)

A hub open to the world

HAROPA PORT is the main French agro-industrial hub and one of the major players in Europe. The various terminals and expertise of the industrial and logistics operators located in the HAROPA PORT ports offer shippers a wide range of quality services dedicated to the agro-industrial sector and spaces for new installations.

A multi-product offer

More than 2 Mt of agro-industrial products are processed each year by HAROPA PORT  terminals: malt, sugar, flour, cocoa, coffee, semolina, rape cake, wheat grains, starch, gluten, diester, ethanol, edible oils, etc are produced and transported through the facilities of the Seine Axis. In addition to this multiple offer, there are about 2 Mt of fertilizers each year for which HAROPA PORT is the main transit centre in France.

HAROPA PORT has a set of generalist and dedicated terminals, equipped to process agro-industrial products while respecting the quality of the goods

Some examples: 

Sugar: two dedicated terminals

  • Robust (Rouen): 60,000 t capacity; bulk loading, bags, big bags or containers
  • Sucreocéane (Le Havre): 60,000 t capacity; container loading

Malt: a malt factory dedicated to exports to Rouen (Soufflet Group).
France is the world's leading exporter of malt and HAROPA PORT is the main port area partner in the French malt export sector by offering export capacities in bulk or containers.

Cocoa: presence of the two largest international cocoa market players (Cargill and Barry Callebaut).
HAROPA PORT is the main point of entry for cocoa beans in France with the capacity to receive goods both by bulk carriers and containers, via Le Havre and Rouen. 

HAROPA PORT has terminals capable of processing many other agro-industrial products such as flour, semolina, soya and rapeseed meal, beet pulp, fruit and vegetables, etc. 
A complete range at the service of shippers

The network of logistics service providers located at HAROPA terminals offers unique know-how for the handling, storage, preparation and shipment of agro-industrial products in dry or reefer form, while respecting the quality of the goods. 

The presence of the main surveillance companies (Control Union, Intertek, SGS...) and internationally renowned laboratories guarantee the quantitative and qualitative control of the goods. 


They create added value with HAROPA PORT

The major names in the agro-industry have set up their industrial units directly on or in the immediate vicinity of the HAROPA PORT terminals: Soufflet, Panzani, Nutrixo, Lustucru, Cargill, Barry Callebaut, Saipol, Tereos, Saint Louis Sucre, Ferrero, Segafredo, etc.

The advantages:

  • proximity of storage and loading/unloading capacities
  • associated services and competitive logistics solutions worldwide

Do you want to join them?

HAROPA PORT ports offer many possibilities for new premises. The diversified land offer from Paris to Le Havre via Rouen makes it possible to provide a tailor-made offer for all types of projects.

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Modernization of the grain terminal at the port of Rouen: competitiveness, quality, environment

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