RO-RO terminal

The HAROPA PORT's RO-RO terminal in Le Havre, is the first vehicules plateform in France for import/export.

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  • Terminal with more than 104 ha of dedicated storage space,
  • Terminal accessible 24/7 to the largest ro-ro ships,
  • Constant level docks adapted to Ro-Ro vessels,
  • 10 berths:
Terminal roulier du Havre


  • Multimodal terminal: rail, water, road,
  • 14 Ro-Ro shipping companies present,
  • 2 handlers and 3 logisticians,
  • A technical centre with highly qualified professionals, service available 24/7,
  • Terminal meeting ISPS standards:
    • Closed and secure terminal,
    • A security service that’s unique in France: 135 agents, sworn in and fully equipped,
    • Regular rounds and patrols (3 patrols per day + random patrols) throughout the port area 24/7 carried out by rounds performed by 4 experienced officers (professional experience, high level of qualification and higher education)

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Bruno Peisey

  • Terre-Plein de la Barre
  • 76600 Le Havre