Paris Seine Agency

The Paris-Seine agency manages a network of 26 urban ports, 18 short- and long-term ports of call and a pleasure stopover in a single body of water without locks for a volume of river traffic of nearly 3 million tonnes, equivalent to 150,000 fewer 20-tonne trucks on the roads.
- Territorial Department of Paris

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Heritage, tourism and goods side by side

Within the framework of the territory entrusted to it, the Paris-Seine agency manages, rehabilitates and modernizes secure port infrastructure that is perfectly integrated into its urban environment while contributing to the smooth running of the Paris conurbation. Indeed, the network of ports in Paris and Ile-de-France makes it possible to manage 13% of regional waterway supply.
 Numerous ports, particularly between the Sully and Bir-Hakeim bridges, are included in the site of the banks of the Seine, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.
 The action of HAROPA - Ports de Paris aims to allow the development of activities by reconciling them with leisure activities linked to the river.

Paris Seine Port Agency
area: 60 ha
number of customers: 167 companies (industrial and ICAL)
river traffic 2017: 4 MT
Main activities: logistics, construction, agri-food, environment, tourism

Parisian port-of-call network

34 ports of call welcome you to Ile-de-France in 5 departments (Paris, Yvelines, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-St-Denis, Val-de-Marne), from Alfortville-Chinagora to Conflans fin d'Oise, along the Seine and two of its tributaries (Marne and Oise). Ports de Paris has 34 ports of call in Ile de France, 22 of which are in the Paris region, designed to accommodate passenger transport activities, entertainment and leisure activities and, in addition, urban logistics. Find on our interactive map all the information on Paris' public stopover network (pedestrian access, the bus station, metro or RER nearest to you, parking, technical characteristics...).

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Les Voies sur Berges: new port areas

HAROPA - Ports de Paris has supported the development of the Voies sur Berges project carried out by the City of Paris, which is developing the area along the quays that can be used in Paris. Tourism and river recreation activities coexist with freight-related facilities as part of development sequences that restore the continuity of pedestrian movement along the river.
 A mix of uses over time that makes it possible to reconcile "green" logistics serving the city with the pleasure of Parisian people. After the right bank, the left bank area was inaugurated in 2013 by the city of Paris. These spaces make it possible to offer new concepts:
 Le Rosa Bonheur sur Seine, located upstream of the Alexandre III Bridge, offers a terrace restaurant on the quayside and a restaurant with entertainment on the boat.
 Downstream of the Alexandre III Bridge, the Alexandre III gastronomic bistro and Le Flow: a 500-seat auditorium with a restaurant and dockside terrace complete the offer along the quays.
 The Dome of Light, a space that will be the rallying point for the cityvision group's activities, including dinner cruise activities.

The ports managed by the Paris Seine agency:

On the upstream Seine:
 - Alfortville-Morville
 - Charenton-Ile-Martinet
 - Ivry
 - Vitry

Intramural Paris:
 Left bank:

- National
- Tolbiac
- La Gare
- Austerlitz
- Saint Bernard
- Tournelle
- Montebello
- Saint-Michel
- Grands Augustins
- Ile de la Cité
- Pont-Neuf (Vert Galant)
- Quai Conti
- Saints-Pères
- Solférino
- Invalides
- Gros Caillou
- La Bourdonnais
- Suffren
- Ile aux cygnes
- Grenelle
- Javel-Haut
- Javel-Bas
- Port-Victor

Right bank:
- Bercy Amont
- Bercy Aval
- La Rapée
- Henri IV
- Ile Saint-Louis
- Célestins
- Hôtel de Ville
- Louvre
- Tuileries-amont
- Conférence
- Debilly
- Passy
- Point du Jour

On the downstream Seine:

- Issy-les-Moulineaux
- Boulogne-les-Studios
- Sèvres
- Boulogne-Legrand
- Boulogne-Pont Saint-Cloud