Aménagements portuaires

Consultation and dialogue

In its dual activity, the Port has an impact on local economic development, the organisation of territories and the living environment.
- Territorial Department of Paris

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  • as a public developer, the Port is a creator of urban spaces and living environments. In this role, it must take into account the expectations of the territories in terms of urban quality, accessibility, openness to the city, mixed uses, etc. Ports should not be enclaves, but components of the city in their own right.
  • as a port operator, the Port must combine the growth of activity in compliance with its public service missions with the sustainable integration of the port within its context: social acceptance, environmental quality, economic development. It must guarantee to its stakeholders and territorial partners (local residents, elected officials, associations, economic actors) virtuous and open operation of the ports towards the city.

Consultation & Dialogue