Security: A commitment from all stakeholders at all times

Security is one of the priorities of HAROPA PORT | Le Havre and a recognized appeal factor for the supply chain.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre

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A commitment from all stakeholders at all times

A port is an important entry/exit point to the territory. Security must be considered in a global way with all stakeholders. Each link plays an essential role in the supply chain of goods, both at sea and on land. HAROPA PORT | Le Havre, in its port security plan, defines strategic areas and procedures to maintain an optimal level of security. At the port of Le Havre, security is an issue for all departments. This has enabled the port authority to become the only European port and the 2nd in the world to obtain ISO 28000 certification. This allows us to manage security within a global approach of continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers and partners.


ISO 28000 is part of the ISO series of quality standards for security in the supply chain. This approach results in a uniform level of security throughout the supply chain. Its objectives:

  • Organize a supply chain security management system.
  • Allow for ongoing risk assessment.
  • Comply with international regulations.


Located as close as possible to the conduct of operations within the port of Le Havre, this section is responsible for:


  • Ensuring the regulatory compliance of the port of Le Havre with the various texts, in particular the ISPS code.
  • Coordinating and monitoring, through working groups and their Security Plan, the action of port facility security officers.
  • Managing the action of the various operational services of the port of Le Havre in terms of security to guarantee you a high-quality service.

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The Port Security Service of the Port of Le Havre is made up of 140 uniformed, armed officers. Endowed with particular prerogatives, these sworn officers carry out 3 main types of missions:


  • PREVENTION: preventive and dissuasive action, thanks to a constant, visible presence on the ground 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • PROTECTION: ensuring the surveillance and protection of buildings, hangars, sensitive infrastructure, logistics and industrial port sites.
  • INTERVENTION: a continuous presence of security officers means they can respond quickly to any reported or detected incident.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:
HAROPA PORT | Le Havre - Operations Department
Port Security Service
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