Construction and building materials solutions

The construction and building sector accounts for 11% of French GDP and three national companies are among the world's construction giants. HAROPA PORT monopolizes the world's podiums in services to the construction and building materials industries: HAROPA PORT won the prestigious world title of best dry bulk port several times.

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Icon BTP First-class port and multimodal infrastructure

Combining the advantages of maritime and river transport, HAROPA PORT offers infrastructure along the Seine axis that is unique in Europe and particularly adapted to the construction and building materials sector. Its multimodal connections with a hinterland ranked as the leading European consumer market make HAROPA PORT infrastructures a major asset for the economic players in the sector.

A major asset for the construction industry in Greater Paris

HAROPA PORT is positioned as a partner in the construction of Greater Paris, which should generate a doubling of construction and deconstruction as well as a gradual increase in the power of marine aggregates.

HAROPA PORT has 70 urban ports in the Paris region, 10 multimodal platforms for hosting the sector's activities:

  • Gennevilliers,
  • Bonneuil,
  • Limay,
  • Bruyères-sur-Oise,
  • Montereau Fault Yonne

Exceptional packages and recycling: a popular know-how

Industrialists, logisticians and transport organisers in the construction and building materials sector are demanding and innovative in terms of logistical challenges, sometimes with packages that can reach 1,000 tonnes.

HAROPA PORT responds to it 100%

  • an offer dedicated to the exceptional parcel sector: 27 maritime and river terminals.
  • a sector dedicated to the collection and recycling of waste
  • HAROPA PORT support for environmental projects on the Seine axis with stakeholders in the sector. 

A Charter for the development of facilities in the Seine

HAROPA PORT and the heads of industries and companies on the banks of the Seine in Ile-de-France have signed the Charter for Port Improvement. They are committed to improving the quality of port facilities while respecting major urban changes and strong environmental social demand. Companies in the construction sector have already taken concrete actions to reconcile local economic development, landscape integration and environmental performance. Joined by the 20 multimodal platforms of the recycling stakeholders in Ile-de-France, they form an important community of actors concerned to participate in the image of a harmonious local urban fabric. Sable en Seine The Charter for Ports Improvement is also a forum for reflection, expertise and sharing of good practice to identify and implement innovative and exemplary actions.

Xavier Lascaux Bruno Huvelin, President of UNICEM* Ile de France

A dynamic approach

"In our "materials" activity, ports are only one part of the system that includes extraction - sometimes in the maritime areas of Le Havre and Rouen - handling, transport and delivery. In a logic of flow and supply chain, HAROPA represents the continuity of all these stages on the Seine axis. Its teams think in terms of channels. In the context of Greater Paris, HAROPA’s approach lets us think about the entire chain. »
*National Union of Quarrying Industries and Construction Materials

A few figures

  • 50 million tonnes of aggregates consumed per year along the Seine Valley.
  • 60% of the aggregates consumed are transported by waterway in the Paris conurbation.
  • More than 14 million tonnes of aggregates transported via HAROPA PORT