Multimodal freight conference

On June 22 in Le Havre, HAROPA PORT and European Union Agency (ERA) for Railways organize a conference on multimodal freight to analyze the synergies between ports and rail sectors in Europe, and to identify current obstacles to propose solutions.
- Territorial Department of Le Havre
- Territorial Department of Rouen
- Territorial Department of Paris

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As customers all over the world are demanding environmentally sound freight transport solutions, many European ports are investing heavily into improving their rail infrastructure for the hinterland transport of goods. Rail is of strategic importance to the multimodal logistics chain, and digital solutions bear the promise of vastly improving the service quality and reliability of intermodal freight. But where are we really, and what improvements could be made ?

At the occasion of the French Presidency of the European Union, , the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) has partnered with HAROPA PORTinvite key stakeholders from European and national politics, rail and shipping industries, national safety authorities, to discuss about this key topic.



This conference will also be an opportunity to present the results of a study prepared by ERA on the existing connections in the ports with the rail network. 

Moreover, Stéphane Raison, CEO and chairman of the management board HAROPA PORT, and Antoine Berbain, delagated CEO HAROPA PORT in charge of multimodality, will speak about the first french port multimodal strategy.