Arrival of Stéphane Raison on the Seine axis

Mandated by Prime Minister Jean Castex on 13 November 2020, Stéphane RAISON arrived on 16 November to take up his duties as the first Director General of the Grand State Seaport - HAROPA.

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The government has entrusted Stéphane Raison, until now Director General of the Port
of Dunkirk, with the responsibility for starting the next stage of the process of merging the three ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris into a single State institution.
To do this, the new Director General will build on the results of the initial mission which has been underway for the past two years. It will also be supported by the Ministry of
Transport, Ministry of the Sea and Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery.

Photo Eric Le Brun/Light Motiv

"This new stage is made possible today thanks to the work we have done over the last few months: draft strategic plan, preparing agreements with social partners, financial trajectory, governance, organisations etc. All those who took part in these discussions should feel confident about the quality that’s recognised in our work, for which we warmly thank them. As Chair of the Board of Directors of Ports de Paris, I will be following the implementation of the mission carefully." Catherine RIVOALLON.

Building on the work carried out by the initial mission, Stéphane Raison’s task will be to refine the strategic project's direction over the next five years and finalise the institutional organisation proposals. He will be assisted in this by the three director generals of the ports with whom he has been working for several years on the development of French ports.

"I am highly honoured by the mission entrusted to me by the Prime Minister. I will work to ensure that this collective project galvanises all efforts both internally within the three ports and externally with local authorities, port cities, port customers and social partners of the establishments as well as all agents. As requested by the Prime Minister, I will pay particular attention to the social dimension throughout this latest phase of preparing for the creation of the new institution." Stéphane RAISON.

This further step forward in the process of merging the three ports aims to build a competitive, sustainable complex, in line with the ambitions of France's maritime and port policy. The establishment will be created on 1 June 2021, an institution which Stéphane Raison is set to take over.